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Estate Planning

We help clients develop individualized estate plans, taking into consideration their familial relationships, assets and interests. Estate planning not only safeguards your interests in the event of your death but also prortect your assets while living and allows you to designate agents under a power of attorney, trust or will to carry out your pre- and posthumous wishes.

It is almost always recommended that you create a will and Powers of Attorney together. The Powers of Attorney provides protections during your lifetime, while the will provides protections after your death. Together they provide an ongoing umbrella of protection for your assets.

One of the oldest forms of an estate plan is the Last Will and Testament. With this plan, you create a will that specifies who is to receive your assets after you are gone. You also select your executor who is the person you appoint to distribute your assets according to your will at the conclusion of Probate.

A Powers of Attorney is a written authorization that allows your chosen person to act for you on your behalf in administering your private affairs. Most often Powers of Attorney are essential in dealing with decisions involving property and asset management.

Advance health care directive gives a trusted person the legal authority to make medical decisions for you, if you are unable to make them yourself including decisions about your care and comfort, medical procedures and end of life decisions.

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